Growing your spray tanning business may seem overwhelming at times, but building a customer base is crucial. The good news is, there are resources available that you can use to provide a steady flow of clients without you doing much of anything, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Step 1: Have a Good Quality, Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a website is a must, but today, mobile searches have overtaken desktop.  Your website needs to function just as well on a mobile phone as it does online because 88% of all searches are done from a cell phone.  Make it easy for your customers to find you – check to see if your website is fully optimized, loads fast and looks good on mobile, and always provides constant, unique content.

Step 2: Build Your Search Engine Optimization

It used to be that keywords and placement in Google were the most important things.  While these are still important, the big thing now to keep in mind is to diversify.  Create identities across social platforms to promote your business via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Use a blended approach to increase organic search (those who are searching for your product or service instead of your business name), paid search (on Google AdWords, etc. to build brand awareness), and Facebook (some see as much as 40% – 60% of traffic from this one source alone).

Step 3: Manage Your Local Presence

Local Presence includes all the information on your business’s physical location (location information, hours of operation, correct name, address, and phone number), mobile-friendly website with social media pages posting unique content, as well as controlling and merging all the components to cultivate a business’s presence in search engines.  You may think it is all fine, but have you checked?  You may be surprised to find out that your business information is not consistent or that you have bad reviews online.

Growing your spray tanning business is more about working smarter than harder. Work with a consulting business that is passionate about helping you grow your business.  It’s time to stop focusing on the day to day details that have you reacting to your business rather than managing your business.