Digital online visibility for spray tanning businesses is now affordable and possible. Most consumers today are using local search to schedule their lives. They search their phones for places to eat, entertain, and shop.

This offers good news and bad news for small airbrush tanning business owners. The good news is small spray tanning businesses now have some advantages over larger chains if they properly utilize digital online visibility options. The bad news is that the average small business owner does not know what to do to operate within these advantages. To get local business online visibility, there are a few actions spray tanning business owners can take to get more customers and finally compete with larger companies.

Consistent and Accurate Listings

Google relates online business listing accuracy to trust. When a business changes a phone number, name, or address and does not update all the info online, Google’s trust score drops. If you have ever submitted your business information to directories, phone books, review sites, news sites, or government websites, Google looks at all of these to make sure all the information matches. When the information matches the website, visitors increase because Google will rank yours higher than others whose information does not 100% match with their website.

Get More Ratings and Reviews

Most people look at reviews for airbrush tanning businesses before they call to schedule an appointment. Reviews are like social proof or testimonials that build trust among consumers. Reviews can play a huge role in the value a person sees when they’re researching products or services.

User-Friendly Mobile Website

Mobiles phones are used for communication, shopping, and entertainment. We live in a compulsive world with people that want to buy now and think later. There was a survey as recent as 2016 that showed 58% of people search for local businesses on their phone daily. That is a lot of people to leave out if you don’t have the right set up.

user-friendly mobile website does not mean the normal website shrinks to a size that fits a mobile phone screen where no one can easily read it. It really means the site offers a good user experience when they’re looking on the small screen. The user should be able to read text without zooming in.  The content should also fit the screen so users don’t have to pinch, zoom, and/or scroll horizontally. If your site isn’t mobile friendly then you’re losing business.

Use Appropriate Spray Tanning Business Software

Spray tanning business owners spend too much time focused on the small stuff. Playing phone tag, chasing customer’s down, updating social media, and answering or sending emails are all examples of daily tasks that can take over your day. High quality spray tanning business software offers both prep and aftercare information to the client to ensure a quality spray tanning service outcome. It offers 24/7 online booking, reminders, payment processing options, a mobile friendly website, and the option to approve client reviews before they are posted.