Getting Your Priorities Straight

What is the number one key to ensuring your spray tanning business is a success? The key to planning your spray tanning business’ success is the ability to focus on the right things. Know the difference between priorities and small distractions that can steal your time. If you can automate and/or eliminate daily distractions and focus on revenue creating productivity, then you can succeed in business. What should be your spray tanning business’ priorities?

Priority 1: Get Your Spray Tanning Business Online

Building a business takes time and it is a lot of responsibility. Running a successful spray tanning business does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. A website is necessary in today’s digital age due to the massive number of people that search the internet each day. Getting a website up for your business can allow you to communicate and operate 24 hours a day. It is also important to make sure the website is mobile friendly. Many spray tanning customers are busy and they access most websites using their cell phones. Having your website up and running can work for you while you sleep. The right online set-up can save you a lot of time and money.

Priority 2: Increase Online Visibility and Traffic

There is nothing more important than making your target market aware that you exist. Some studies state 93% of adults research products online before buying or booking an appointment. If someone is looking for your product or service, then they need to be able to find you. If you don’t know much about how to make your spray tanning services visible online and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars trying, then outsource it. Many business owners try to keep up with online customer growth tactics and algorithm changes with little success. Airbrush tanning business owners should feel okay about outsourcing certain aspects of business and focusing on offering quality of service instead.

Hot Tip: Search “spray tanning” online and see if your business shows up as an option. If your business, product and/or service does not show up then look at the competition that shows up instead. How many of your potential customers type that in each week and call your competition instead?

Spray tanning business owners spend innumerable hours on traditional advertising to acquire new customers instead of focusing on the priorities of what makes their business successful. Save time and money trying to keep up with ever-changing internet trends and focus on your business growth.

Priority 3: Increase Positive Reviews Online

Once your customers can find you online then they need to see positive reviews about the business. 80% of people surveyed confessed to changing a purchasing decision because of a bad evaluation they read about online. Since most people research product and service reviews before they purchase, it is important to have a strong online reputation. If you’re worried about negative reviews or managing your online reputation, then there are online marketing companies that provide this service as well. The best online marketing companies will collect and post positive reviews about your company’s products and services.  Negative reviews can be set up to come to you directly via email so you can respond to them without them showing up online.

Thanks to the digital options available today, business owners have the capacity to grow faster than ever before. Online marketing companies, customer acquisition platforms, and spray tanning business management software are giving small local businesses a foundation to flourish. Get Your Local Business Online Visibility report today and learn more about how you can better communicate your products and services to your customers.