About Spray Booker™

Why I Created Spray Booker™

Hi, I'm Heather Boss, owner of Fit To Be Tan® Airbrush Tanning Studios, a local Airbrush Tanning Company in the Washington DC Area. One the biggest problems I face as the owner of an Airbrush Tanning company is managing multiple pieces of software to run my business. I had separate systems to book appointments, manage customers and inventory, collect payments, and keep track of employee time.

Our appointment system was the most time consuming; before creating Spray Booker™, our appointment process looked something like this: A customer fills out a custom online appointment form, which would send appointment request emails to my staff. One of my staff members would have to respond and confirm the appointment. Then we'd wait for the customer to confirm they received our response. Our staff sometimes would have to email back and forth with the customer several additional times to find an appointment time that worked, if their original requested time was unavailable. After the appointment was confirmed, we'd have to make sure the client read our “Before and After” process, signed a release form, collect a credit card to “hold” the appointment, and then collect their payment at the appointment.


We would repeat this process dozens of times throughout the day, every day. This was a frustrating and time consuming process to repeat over and over again for sure. The thing is, after talking to other Airbrush Tanning studio owners, I realized I wasn't the only one with this problem. Apparently, a lot of owners have this same frustration.

So, I began searching for software that would help my company manage appointments in a way that I could control, which incorporated the specialized customer communication needs our industry has, and integrated with other important parts of my business. After I couldn't find anything that really met the needs of an Airbrush Tanning company, I decided to create my own software!

I'm excited to share with you the first online booking software designed for Airbrush Tanning companies, by someone who actually owns an Airbrush Tanning company.

Welcome to Spray Booker™!