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5 Reasons You Need Airbrush Tanning Management Software

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Airbrush Tanning Business Owners are usually too busy juggling multiple appointments to efficiently handle an influx of customer communications. Growing a business in a fast-paced environment can be intense but is important to master if one is to succeed. With Spray Booker™, you can have access to an all-inclusive airbrush tanning management software. It combines customer scheduling, communication, payment processing and salon management into one cloud-based integrated platform. A few of our additional features are discussed below.

5 Reasons You Need Airbrush Tanning Management Software

Reason #1: Prep Tips
As you know, new customers don’t always seek knowledge on how to properly prepare or care for their Airbrush tan. One of the best features Spray Booker™ offers, is the built-in tanning prep guidelines that will automatically go out to your customers 24 hours before a session. Now you can share proper prep and aftercare information that clients must agree to before they can book an appointment. This powerful feature allows you to focus on the quality of your service.

Reason #2: Offer 24/7 Online Booking
Spray tanning business owners often find it difficult to manage client appointments during peak hours. Lost phone calls or double booked appointments can lead to lost customers and bad reviews. With our 24/7 online booking feature, future customers can schedule an appointment at any time of day. Customers can book and pay with a credit card as well as receive automated appointment reminders. You can manage your appointments in your own secure online dashboard.

Reason #3: Enable You to Manage Client Reviews
Did you know that most people look for online reviews before they decide on a service provider? Now you can manage your company’s online business reputation with this software.

Reason #4: Send Automated Email and Text Reminders
Stop taking time out of your day to make phone calls and send emails to remind customers to show up or be available for their appointment. This platform sends out automated reminders to booked clients.

Reason #5Start Your Free Trial Today for 30 Days
Reset your attention to company growth and let Spray Booker™ help the details take care of themselves!

3 Ways to Grow Your Spray Tanning Business

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Growing your spray tanning business may seem overwhelming at times, but building a customer base is crucial. The good news is, there are resources available that you can use to provide a steady flow of clients without you doing much of anything, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Step 1: Have a Good Quality, Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a website is a must, but today, mobile searches have overtaken desktop.  Your website needs to function just as well on a mobile phone as it does online because 88% of all searches are done from a cell phone.  Make it easy for your customers to find you – check to see if your website is fully optimized, loads fast and looks good on mobile, and always provides constant, unique content.

Step 2: Build Your Search Engine Optimization

It used to be that keywords and placement in Google were the most important things.  While these are still important, the big thing now to keep in mind is to diversify.  Create identities across social platforms to promote your business via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Use a blended approach to increase organic search (those who are searching for your product or service instead of your business name), paid search (on Google AdWords, etc. to build brand awareness), and Facebook (some see as much as 40% – 60% of traffic from this one source alone).

Step 3: Manage Your Local Presence

Local Presence includes all the information on your business’s physical location (location information, hours of operation, correct name, address, and phone number), mobile-friendly website with social media pages posting unique content, as well as controlling and merging all the components to cultivate a business’s presence in search engines.  You may think it is all fine, but have you checked?  You may be surprised to find out that your business information is not consistent or that you have bad reviews online.

Growing your spray tanning business is more about working smarter than harder. Work with a consulting business that is passionate about helping you grow your business.  It’s time to stop focusing on the day to day details that have you reacting to your business rather than managing your business.

3 Tips to Attract More Spray Tanning Customers

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There is a lot of competition out there and some companies spend large sums of money to be at the forefront of their industry. You may feel there is nothing you can do to compete but you still have a fighting chance to come out on top. There are three things you can do that will allow you to focus on attracting more spray tanning customers. These three tips will empower you to finally start selling more products and services, communicate with your customers on autopilot and build brand loyalty.

Tip #1: Automate Everyday Spray Tanning Business Tasks

If you’re looking to attract more customers, then the first thing you need to focus on is eliminating time wasters. As a business owner, there are many opportunities for distraction that can cap your spray tanning business growth over time.

Examples of Everyday Time Wasters

  • Answering numerous phone calls
  • Responding to emails
  • Booking appointments
  • Reminding people about their appointments
  • Dealing with cancellations
  • Taking payments over the phone

There are systems created to automate tasks like these but few are all inclusive. If you’re looking for one system that allows you do it all then start a 30-day free trial with Spray Booker™. Our system has a customer registration system that allows clients to create accounts, book appointments, communicate skin types or allergies, prepay for services, and more.

Tip #2: Establish a Quality Online Presence to Sell More of Your Products and Services

There are many aspects to being successfully set up online. A spray tanning business must have a website that is also mobile-friendly. Think of a website as another form of a store front location. Just like any other store front location, the appearance must be well designed, efficiently set up and easy to find. This means that the website must show up on the first page of the search term results. When a person types in “spray tan” and a link to your website is clicked on, the customer can engage with your site, find information, and book their appointment. The mobile website will also allow the business owner to access their dashboard from anywhere at any time.

The above information may sound like a lot of work, but there are affordable ways to automate this process as well. Spray Booker™ offers a complete online business set up with a secure cloud-based owner dashboard. With this software, you can put up a website if needed. You can get a customized home page for your business that can be used as a website. You can share your business hours, contact information, products, services, social media links, and book your appointments on autopilot. There are also search engine optimization and traffic generation services available. Find a high-quality digital marketing company today that has a passion for helping local small business owners succeed.

Tip #3: Get Your Spray Tanning Business Active on Social Media

Every local company should utilize social media to spread the word about their business. Social Media allows businesses to communicate and engage with customers on a consistent basis. You can post before and after pictures, share tips, answer questions and more. Encourage your clients to share their experience with their friends on social media. Our automated system integrates with Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter.

The above three tips will return more positive results than any other strategy within the spray tanning industry. Using one system to handle everyday tasks that can steal your focus is step one of your success journey (Get a Personalized Demo Today). Building a strong online presence and getting engaged with social media will polish off the strategy of your spray tanning business success.

The Key to Planning Your Spray Tanning Business Success

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Getting Your Priorities Straight

What is the number one key to ensuring your spray tanning business is a success? The key to planning your spray tanning business’ success is the ability to focus on the right things. Know the difference between priorities and small distractions that can steal your time. If you can automate and/or eliminate daily distractions and focus on revenue creating productivity, then you can succeed in business. What should be your spray tanning business’ priorities?

Priority 1: Get Your Spray Tanning Business Online

Building a business takes time and it is a lot of responsibility. Running a successful spray tanning business does not have to be time-consuming and stressful. A website is necessary in today’s digital age due to the massive number of people that search the internet each day. Getting a website up for your business can allow you to communicate and operate 24 hours a day. It is also important to make sure the website is mobile friendly. Many spray tanning customers are busy and they access most websites using their cell phones. Having your website up and running can work for you while you sleep. The right online set-up can save you a lot of time and money.

Priority 2: Increase Online Visibility and Traffic

There is nothing more important than making your target market aware that you exist. Some studies state 93% of adults research products online before buying or booking an appointment. If someone is looking for your product or service, then they need to be able to find you. If you don’t know much about how to make your spray tanning services visible online and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars trying, then outsource it. Many business owners try to keep up with online customer growth tactics and algorithm changes with little success. Airbrush tanning business owners should feel okay about outsourcing certain aspects of business and focusing on offering quality of service instead.

Hot Tip: Search “spray tanning” online and see if your business shows up as an option. If your business, product and/or service does not show up then look at the competition that shows up instead. How many of your potential customers type that in each week and call your competition instead?

Spray tanning business owners spend innumerable hours on traditional advertising to acquire new customers instead of focusing on the priorities of what makes their business successful. Save time and money trying to keep up with ever-changing internet trends and focus on your business growth.

Priority 3: Increase Positive Reviews Online

Once your customers can find you online then they need to see positive reviews about the business. 80% of people surveyed confessed to changing a purchasing decision because of a bad evaluation they read about online. Since most people research product and service reviews before they purchase, it is important to have a strong online reputation. If you’re worried about negative reviews or managing your online reputation, then there are online marketing companies that provide this service as well. The best online marketing companies will collect and post positive reviews about your company’s products and services.  Negative reviews can be set up to come to you directly via email so you can respond to them without them showing up online.

Thanks to the digital options available today, business owners have the capacity to grow faster than ever before. Online marketing companies, customer acquisition platforms, and spray tanning business management software are giving small local businesses a foundation to flourish. Get Your Local Business Online Visibility report today and learn more about how you can better communicate your products and services to your customers.

Avoid Spray Tanning Business Owner Frustrations

By |September 15th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

There are many aspects of a business that can make life seem hard and unbearable. If you’re looking to avoid spray tanning business owner frustrations then answer the following questions. Do you feel nervous and wait to ask for payment until after the service has been provided? Have you ever showed up for a scheduled appointment and waited for a no-show? Do you feel like you are reacting to your business instead of running it? These questions are surprisingly considered normal frustrations of doing business but they don’t have to be.

Built-in Customizable Prep Tips

Our built-in customizable prep tips are what makes our online booking system different than any other available. No one likes customers that complain about quality service when they did not follow pre-tanning prep instructions. Aftercare neglect can also cause customer complaints. This system can save you time and frustration.

If you spend time calling, texting, or emailing pre-tanning prep instructions, there is a better way. With Spray Booker™, customers will have to click “accept” for each tip or instruction before they can book their appointment. The software allows airbrush tanning business owners to create their own detailed prep tips. There is not a limit on the number of tips you can provide and you can list them with or without photos. Now you can focus on providing quality service that is sure to build a loyal following just by customers following pre-booking instructions. Your customers will leave with a great tan that will last an acceptable amount of time. Then they will be happy to spread their great experience with their family and friends.

A few other benefits of Spray Booker™ are:

  • 24/7 Online Booking – Easy online customer registration with payment system integration.
  • Mobile Friendly Website – Simple for clients to read, schedule and pay for appointments.
  • Client Reviews Management – Allow the business owner to approve online customer reviews.
  • Email and Text Reminders – Remind customers to prep and show up for their appointment
  • No-show Client Tracking – Clients agree to a no-show fee if they don’t cancel their appointment.

Many business owners assume the spray tanning business software is expensive or too technical to understand. It is possible to meet all the above frustrations and put them on autopilot when you use Spray Booker™.

Spray tanning business owners can now focus on their passion for providing quality service. Take back control of your day and start running your spray tanning business instead of reacting to it. For only $40 a month with no contracts or hidden fees, you can have an automated system handle the frustrating side of business. Try Spray Booker™ for 30 days and discover how easy life can be to manage and grow your own business.

Digital Online Visibility for Spray Tanning Businesses

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Digital online visibility for spray tanning businesses is now affordable and possible. Most consumers today are using local search to schedule their lives. They search their phones for places to eat, entertain, and shop.

This offers good news and bad news for small airbrush tanning business owners. The good news is small spray tanning businesses now have some advantages over larger chains if they properly utilize digital online visibility options. The bad news is that the average small business owner does not know what to do to operate within these advantages. To get local business online visibility, there are a few actions spray tanning business owners can take to get more customers and finally compete with larger companies.

Consistent and Accurate Listings

Google relates online business listing accuracy to trust. When a business changes a phone number, name, or address and does not update all the info online, Google’s trust score drops. If you have ever submitted your business information to directories, phone books, review sites, news sites, or government websites, Google looks at all of these to make sure all the information matches. When the information matches the website, visitors increase because Google will rank yours higher than others whose information does not 100% match with their website.

Get More Ratings and Reviews

Most people look at reviews for airbrush tanning businesses before they call to schedule an appointment. Reviews are like social proof or testimonials that build trust among consumers. Reviews can play a huge role in the value a person sees when they’re researching products or services.

User-Friendly Mobile Website

Mobiles phones are used for communication, shopping, and entertainment. We live in a compulsive world with people that want to buy now and think later. There was a survey as recent as 2016 that showed 58% of people search for local businesses on their phone daily. That is a lot of people to leave out if you don’t have the right set up.

user-friendly mobile website does not mean the normal website shrinks to a size that fits a mobile phone screen where no one can easily read it. It really means the site offers a good user experience when they’re looking on the small screen. The user should be able to read text without zooming in.  The content should also fit the screen so users don’t have to pinch, zoom, and/or scroll horizontally. If your site isn’t mobile friendly then you’re losing business.

Use Appropriate Spray Tanning Business Software

Spray tanning business owners spend too much time focused on the small stuff. Playing phone tag, chasing customer’s down, updating social media, and answering or sending emails are all examples of daily tasks that can take over your day. High quality spray tanning business software offers both prep and aftercare information to the client to ensure a quality spray tanning service outcome. It offers 24/7 online booking, reminders, payment processing options, a mobile friendly website, and the option to approve client reviews before they are posted.