Q: What is Spray Booker™?

A: Spray Booker™ is an all-inclusive Airbrush Tanning company management software platform that combines customer scheduling, customer communication, payment processing and salon management into one cloud-based integrated platform.

Q: Can I bring my customer data?

A: Absolutely! SprayBooker™ offers each new customer a one-time *free* customer data entry from your existing booking system. We have routines built to load data from a number of existing systems. If you manually track your customers or do not have an existing system, we can discuss the best way to get your data into our system but additional fees may apply if custom programming is required.

Q: What are the major features of Spray Booker™?

A: Spray Booker™ automates in one platform all the operational features that a Spray Tanning operator needs; automated booking system, easy customer registration online, automatic customer reminders, integration to your payment systems, detailed reporting for the owner/manager, secure credit card handling, social media integration, Mobile capabilities, and cloud-based application security and performance. See www.spraybooker.com for more information, screenshots of the application, and videos demonstrating key functionality of the system.

Q: Will Spray Booker™ send reminders to customers who have made appointments?

A: Yes, by either email, text or both. Customers have the option when they create their spraybooker.com account to choose their notification method. Then the system automatically sends out reminder emails or texts (or both) 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

Q: How much is it?

A: Try it for the first 30 days for FREE! Then pay $40/month. No contracts, no hidden fees. $40 a month covers all the features of the system.

Q: How does your appointment system handle no-shows?

A: Spray Booker™ gives the option to require clients to “reserve” an appointment slot with a credit-card, and allows each company owner to set a “no-show” fee. No-shows are tracked directly from the appointment screen, integrate to a “No Show Report,” and enable the owner on a case by case basis to charge no-shows through an admin feature.

Q: Can I bring my reviews with me?

A: Yes; if you have customer reviews on your existing booking system, we will capture those reviews and load them to our review system.

Q: Can I use it on my phone?

A: Yes! SprayBooker.com is 100% mobile capable; our vision was to design the system to enable mobile-only customers to seamlessly operate the system as if you were sitting at your desktop.